New biker-themed venue opens in Clearwater

Featured in Tampa Bay Times 2016-06-26

…”In the bathroom, women admired the reflective “rearview mirrors” above the faucet, and the sinks shaped like handlebars.

Stephen Aretz, the architect behind the sinks, played pool with his employees and a friend at the opening. The Road House commissioned his Largo business, Hot Shot Welding & Design, for the bathroom additions.

“People give me crazy s—t to do, and I run with it,” he said.” …

Splitsville Luxury lanes

Disney Springs Orlando 2013-12-08

Hot Shot Welding is proud to provide Splitsville Luxury Lanes with quality metal work.  We created custome bowling themed handrails, metal signage, and large metal bowling pin scuplture.

Good Day Tampabay Fox News

Featured on Fox News WTVT Ch 13 Tampa Bay.

Charlie Belcher and the crew from Fox News WTVT Ch 13 stopped by our shop to do a spotlight on Hot Shot Welding.